Production of Industrial Vacuum

  • Single and two-stage vane pumps, single-stage screw pumps with variable speed drive, single-stage piston pumps, vacuum boosters, claw-less pumps, multiclaw-less pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps.
  • Centralised control systems, separators, tanks, filters, bleeds, etc.

Industrial Vacuum Advice and Distribution

  • Study, design and installation of Centralised Industrial Vacuum Rooms.
  • Design and installation of Industrial Vacuum networks with aluminium, stainless steel, DIN-2440, PVC, etc. piping.

Energy saving studies

  • Measuring of energy consumption and demand for industrial vacuum
  • Simulation with efficient alternative.
  • Monitoring

Official Technical Assistance Service

  • Scheduled regular inspections. Preventive maintenance agreements in Centralised Industrial Vacuum Rooms
  • Equipment repairs
  • Management of spare parts/equipment consumables
  • Vibration analysis and machine monitoring
  • Training