Hydraulic Components

Distributors, hydraulic regulation, gear, vane and piston pumps, motors, standard and custom cylinders, pressure filters.


Own and custom production, pressure tube, all types of connectors and buttress threads.

Central Hydraulic Units

Standard and custom. Hydraulics have multiple applications. They all focus on an overall range, including studies, component selection, installation, commissioning and maintenance;
Our products:

  • Cylinders.
  • Distributors.
  • Motor pumps.
  • Accumulators.
  • Fittings.
  • Central units.

Our services:

  • After-sales service.
  • Piping networks.
  • Maintenance.
  • Re-testing.
  • Hose crimping.

High-Pressure Hydraulic Tools (700 BAR)

General-use, heavy-duty, single-effect, double-effect, aluminium cylinders, cylinders with safety nut, traction, hollow plunger, etc.
Manual, electric, pneumatic or petrol-driven hydraulic pumps.
Additional parts to complete a high-pressure hydraulic system (hoses, couplings, oil, connections, gauges, etc.).
Valves for directional control, flow control or pressure control.
Tools for cutting, drilling, extending or bending, lifting machines, transporting loads, etc.

Bolting Tools

Square bar and hexagonal torque wrenches (up to 34,000 Nm).
Hydraulic pumps for electric or pneumatic torque wrenches.
Hydraulic bolting solutions (flange alignment tools, counter nuts, wedge separators, etc.).

Production Automation (350 BAR)

Rotary cylinders (upper flange, lower flange, threaded body, cartridge model, etc.) and work supports (hydraulic advance, spring, etc.).
Linear cylinders (threaded, for manifold, block type, oblique thrust, hollow plunger, mechanical pull, etc.).
Electrical or pneumatic hydraulic pumps
Valves for directional control, flow control or pressure control.

Special Applications

Synchronised multi-point elevation systems.
Elevation systems in stages.
High Precision load positioning.