All types of industrial oils and greases

-General circulation and greasing.
-Pneumatic Tools
-Air Compressors and Cooling
-Food Industry
-Technical and Medicinal Targets
-Gas motors (Co-generation)
-Soluble cutting fluids
-Direct cutting fluids
-EDM fluids
-Dielectric fluids
-Concrete Release Agent

Lubrication Accessories

Automatic lubricators, high-penetration lubricators; preventive maintenance products (anti-wear); rust protection; corrosion protection.

Centralised Greasing and Industrial Lubrication

According to studies, 54% of all faults in industrial bearings are due to incorrect lubrication (excess or shortage). These lead to unscheduled downtimes that affect production (opportunity costs, extended working days, etc.) and very high maintenance costs (material, labour, unnecessary stocks).

To avoid this possible damage, lubricants must reach the lubrication point at the right time and in the right amount. This is where centralised greasing comes in, which has the following main goals:
– To allow for longer periods between maintenance.
– To increase the working life of the mechanical components involved.
– To reduce downtimes and faults.

The Dexis Ibérica technical personnel has been trained and is skilled to advise you on the most suitable lubrication equipment and methods for your facilities. We can also offer the installation and assembly service.