V-belts, Classic cog belts (MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH), Cog belts (RPP, HTD, POLYCHAIN), Pluriband, Poly-V, Polyurethane, Metal core cog belts (T and AT), By the metre, Flat, Heat-weldable cord, Cog belt cutting machine. Special belts for the Ceramics Industry.

Pulleys and Tapered bushing:

Blind V-belt pulleys, V-belt pulleys for Taper-lock, Blind cogged pulleys, Cogged pulleys for Taper-lock, Taperlock, Press-fit tapered rings, Variator pulleys.


ISO Standards, ASA, Stainless steel, Hollow shafts, Fleyer (leaf chains), Double-pitch, Conveyor, Redler, Rotary, Silent, overhead conveyor, Hinge or disc chains. Cable rack, Straight plates, Polyurethane guide profile. Accessories: Attachments, pivots, rubber blocks.

Sprockets and gears:

Sprockets, discs (single, double, triple), Sprockets for taper-lock, Cast iron sprockets, Racks. Cylindrical gears, Tapered gears.

Conveyor rollers:

Metal, galvanised, Rubber coated, Tapered rollers, Rollers for mining

Trapezoidal thread spindles, Flange nuts

Splined shafts and Splineways

Conveyor belts:

Pvc, Polyurethane, Silicone, Metal, Modular, Rubber

Couplings and Torque Limiters:

Elastic star, Elastic pivot, Elastic plate, Elastic spring, Internal gear, Pneumatic flector, For Encoder, Chain

Motors and reducers:

Three-phase motors, single-phase and brake. ATEX and explosion proof motors. Worm gear set. Gear reducers (Coaxial and Orthogonal). Planetary gear reducers. Parallel-shaft gear reducers. Mechanical and electronic variators. Motor bases and rails. Planetary gears.

Free-running gears


Steel slings and ropes:

Grade 80 chain slings. Fibre slings (flat and round). Cable slings. Hooks, meshes, rings, chains. Lashing. Shackles, eyebolts, cable ties, karabiners.

Cardan shafts and universal joints

Pumps: Vacuum pumps, Water pumps, Gland seals, Suction cups, Vacuum check valves


Vacuum pumps, Water pumps, Gland seals, Suction cups, Vacuum check valves.