Following on with its process of constant growth and of strengthening its technical skills, Dexis Ibérica has recently incorporated into its organisation a consolidated company that specialises greatly in the concept of Mechatronics:
RP Mecatrónica is a leader in the design, installation and maintenance of all the systems used during each stage of any industrial production.
Our knowledge lies in the experience acquired over the years, which has enabled us to tackle and effectively solve any demand required in any of the fields of Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electronics and all types of Instrumentation and their maintenance.

Mecatronica overview

Guaranteed quality and service in Hydraulics, Electronics, Pneumatics, and Instrumentation.

Mecatronica with the Client

Industrial management of facilities, industrial instrumentation maintenance and resources.

Mecatrónica services

We provide solutions and added value by managing and supplying all types of independent components to complete systems.