Mechatronics with the client

Full Skryp-Tec Service

It is increasingly commonplace for companies to contract their services outside their own line of business to companies that specialise in the industrial management of facilities and industrial instrumentation maintenance and resources in any field of Electronics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Instrumentation, and Industrial Supplies.
The functions of our Full Skryp-Tec service are as follows:

  • Resource optimisation
  • Coordination of projects for new facilities or the renewal or relocating of existing ones.
  • The contracting of all products and services related to suitable facility operations.
  • Facility upkeep and maintenance.
  • Training (Classroom)

What can we do for you?

SWe are leaders in the design, installation and maintenance of all the systems used during each stage of any industrial production. Our knowledge lies in the experience acquired over the years, which has enabled us to tackle and effectively solve any demand required in any of the fields of Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electronics and all types of Instrumentation and their maintenance.

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We form a team of specialists capable of meeting the highest demands of our clients. Thanks to our experience, our knowledge and our resources and partners, we guarantee the utmost reliability, selecting the best of our suppliers to best suit the project to be implemented, ensuring the maximum return and profitability for our clients. We are sensitive to the needs of each project, whether it be complex or simple, and we provide the best solutions with the most competitive prices

Training and continuous innovation

Mechatronics has a “classroom” division that deals exclusively in the training of technical personnel for design, projects and systems implementation to benefit our clients, solve problems, etc.

Our aim has always been to be able to help our clients develop through safe, functional and profitable equipment, installations and services, making every effort to meet all the demands of our clients.



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