Industrial Pneumatics / Automation

Distributors of pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, manual and mechanical controls; air treatment; filters, regulators, lubricators, emergency stops and progressive starters, control and display of pressures and flow rates; pneumatic accessories and automatisms; proportional pneumatics; power parts: microcylinders, cylinders according to regulations and special constructions, guide units (friction or bearings), gas springs. Complete solutions for industrial automation.

Process / Industrial Valves

Direct control valves, assisted control valves, separate control valves with pneumatic or electric pilot; valves for specific applications: all types of fluid, explosive atmospheres (ATEX zones), for high frequencies, body and construction materials adapted to special applications.

Process rotary actuator

Different types of construction (vane, rack and pinion), single or double effect; limit switch contacts; pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners; ISO and NAMUR adapters; safety levers; actuator-valve unit assembly.


Vacuum ejectors, vacuum generators, suction and transfer hoppers, suction cups, vacuum accessories, manipulators, weightless manipulators, clamps for robots and modular systems.

Connections and flexible tubes

Connections: all types of connector, one-touch or compression connection, metal or polymer body; connectors with pneumatic functions (non-return, regulation, lock, etc.); one-touch fittings; couplers and adapters; silencers, nozzles and guns for industrial blowing.

Flexible tubes: materials according to application and working conditions: PA, PU, PVC, PE, FEP, PFA, AUTO-SHRINK, etc.; multi-tube, spiral, braided, spark-proof, static-proof, etc. and all elements for their cutting, preparation and fixture.

Compressed air and vacuum distribution

Modular systems for the design and installation of Compressor and Vacuum Rooms, main and secondary networks with accessories and rigid piping in aluminium, ready for installation with no preparation, removable and reusable.


Power transmission systems, fixture, support and guiding elements; drive systems for industrial applications: electric shafts, 3-shaft systems, “pick and place” applications; mechanical elements, motors, electrical material and computerised solutions for the development and installation of industrial mechatronics systems.