Slewing bearings:

Via Tecnomeca Kidelan, Dexis Ibérica specialises in slewing bearings and can supply bearings with an outer diameter of up to 4500 mm. We have an extensive stock of standard slewing bearings for immediate distribution. We also build to plan, to the client’s specifications.


Alongside Tecnomeca Kidelan, Dexis Ibérica has developed its linear drives as an evolution of linear bearing motion, offering assessment, manufacturing and marketing for these components for machinery design, systems automation, renewable energies, etc. TKD linear spindle drives (screw jacks) are used in very different applications requiring a precise linear drift for positioning and structuring movements


Dexis Ibérica, Tecnomeca Kidelan, is a great specialist in ball distribution. Its 30-plus years of working this product offer great experience in supplies to different sectors in the international market: Automobile, bearings, pens, pharmaceutical, furniture – linear guides, and general industry. It has a very extensive range of sizes and materials: in millimetres (from 0.5 to 200 mm.) , in fractions of inches, microballs…

Special precision lock nuts:

TKD precision lock nuts are made of SCM 440, with a hardness of HRC 28/32 and are ground to a precision of ISO 4H. Their use ensures perfect locking, which in turn guarantees bearing perpendicularity. Their precise setting also eliminates spindle vibrations.