Radial Seals

Dynamic seal solution to protect bearings on low/medium-pressure and medium/high-speed rotary shafts using a lip seal that remains in permanent contact with the shaft. The most commonplace forms of work are normally oil and technical greases.pe

Speedi Sleeve

Wearing sleeves for seals
Speedi Sleeves are a fast, easy solution for the repair of damaged shafts without having to spend time dismantling for machining. Instead, simply push them over the damaged surface so that the shaft can be reused in just a few minutes

Standar seals

Large stock of standard seals for hydraulics and pneumatics : Collars, Wiping rings,
Gaskets, Guides, Support rings.

O-rings, encapsulates, x rings, semi O-rings.

Machined seals

We have machinery to Manufacture seals to order, using machining with no need for moulds or tooling.

We have a production capacity of up to 2500 mm in diameter and more than 100 standard profiles and up to 15 different materials, all manufactured in line with Standard ISO

Our technical department will advise you on the application and design of special seals.

Moulding and cutting

We can supply any parts using a moulding, cutting or extruding process.
The most popular parts are bellows, profiles, suction cups, etc., although any other part can be built to plan

Mechanical seals and gaskets

Sealing systems for pumps and rotary equipment, preventing the leaking of fluids and gases into the environment.

We have the most common references in the market in stock

We are also able to design custom solutions thanks to our technical repair and construction workshop.