• ON-LINE monitoring of critical machinery. (Possibility of requesting a “DEMO”)
  • Supply of sensors (accelerometers, oil sensor, ultrasound, etc.)
  • Portable vibration equipment.
  • Vibration analysis service (in line with the agreed regularity).
  • Ultrasound. Air leakage.
  • Consulting: Solving of specific problems on machine.

On-line KOS is revolutionising the world of continuous monitoring for its effectiveness, costs, user friendliness and implementation:

  • Access to the state of repair of your assets.
  • Optimises maintenance downtime.
  • Monitors “multi-condition” variable system machinery.
  • Requires no factory installation of programs or servers.
  • Spectral analysis service and configuration with the assistance of the Services Plus technical team.
  • Alarms and management indicator (KPI) management

Download document: On-line KOS Mechanical Industrial Asset Monitoring System