We have the machinery for the custom manufacturing of seals by machining, without the need for moulds or tooling.

We have a production capacity of up to 2500 mm in diameter and more than 100 standard profiles and up to 15 different materials, all manufactured in line with Standard ISO 9001.

Our technical department will advise you on the application and design of special seals.

We custom design and manufacture all types of seal:

  • Rotary seals: Dynamic seal solution for high to medium-speed and medium to low-pressure rotary shafts.
  • Rod seals: Avoid leaking fluid from the inside to the outside of the cylinder.
  • Piston seals: Keep the pressure difference in the piston, making the cylinder expand or retract.
  • Wiping rings: Preventing the entry of external particles into the cylinder.
  • Support rings: Protect seals from the effects of extrusion.
  • Guide rings: Prevent metal-to-metal contact, guiding the piston and rod and absorbing transversal loads.

Seal identification parameters

  • Working conditions:
    • Pressure
    • Speed
    • Temperature
    • Housing measurements
    • Method and lubrication
  • Depending on shaft movement:
    • Rotary
    • Axial
  • Depending on cylinder movement:
    • Single-effect: The rod moves in just one direction. We mount seals with asymmetric lips, with the shorter lip acting as the seal.
    • Double-effect: The plunger also acts as return. Symmetrical lip profiles to work in both directions
  • Depending on where they are housed:
    • Rod or piston seals.
    • Shock absorption
    • Guide rails
    • Wiping rings
    • Static Support rings
  • Application:
    • Hydraulic cylinders: High pressures-Method: Oil, Material: Polyurethane
    • Pneumatic cylinders: Low pressures-Method: Air, Material: Elastomers

Our delivery times for manufacturing are 24/48 hours. We are capable of much more in the event of an emergency. We manufacture the entire SKF range and all the profiles in the market

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