Recorded savings: Eficiency and Productivity

The client’s costs are reduced by applying the Services. These are either costs linked to TPC (total purchase cost) or Indirect costs. The direct consequence of a reduction in cost: generated savings.

Therefore, Savings are generated for the client by applying our Services. We call them Efficiency and Productivity Solutions.

Each service applied, the consequence of which is a reduction in cost, will be included and recorded in a Savings File (SF) or in a Service Application File (SAF). According to these, your purchasing management is regularly presented with the tracking and reporting of the savings obtained – goals defined, and of the resources used by our company and services applied to obtain these savings.

Productivity Form: Includes all SF and SAF produced. Summarises all the productivity actions performed over a period and their assessment on 2 pages. Fully or Partially per Savings group. The combination of all the Services applied and their subsequent reductions in direct or indirect costs will lead to an improvement in Productivity or Overall Savings, which must reach or exceed the Goal established in the sales agreement or contract.