Descours & Cabaud has been distributing professional equipment for more than 230 years.

A leader in France and one of the main distributors in Europe and the USA, our Group aspires to become the preferred partner of professionals in industry, craftsmanship, the tertiary sector, the authorities and local organisations.

This longevity lies in a business approach that focuses highly on the Group itself. At Descours & Cabaud we have always been convinced of the fact that value cannot be created without freedom of action.

For us, a group that progresses is a group that trusts the men and women forming it, and that gives priority to action.

This is the line of action followed by all our teams who form part of an initiative that speeds up our development and involves the slogan: “We all create value”.

This initiative is based on four mainstays: digital innovation available to our clients, the reinforcing of our internal growth through the development of our goodwill, a selective policy of external growth and the development of our manpower through a conscious effort in internal training and promotion.

Together we seek to build a future in which our freedom and our human values continue to reap long-lasting fruits.