Global Supply

- In Dexis, we understand that we must be capable of offering a correctly documented Solution, when facing a problem posed by the customer or a detected opportunity for improvement, and this solution is generally reached by using the Services we provide. Therefore, for us, Solutions and Services are closely related and interrelated.
As a result, the solutions provided will allow reducing the costs associated with Maintenance or Provisioning operations:

  Reduction in value and volume:

· Rationalisation and updated Assessment of stock.
· Identification of products.
To prevent duplicate references, inactive stock and surplus stocks in the different plants.
· Special management contracts, including the analysis and study of the possibility of stock in consignment or deposit in those situations with special characteristics demanding it.
· Outsourcing management.

- TECHNICAL REPORTS: Failure analysis and proposals for improvement: Failure analysis and correct planning to prevent incidences.

· Reducing the number of Suppliers
: Comprehensive Management of MRO products.
· Reducing Administration Costs: Electronic orders; standardised processes.

- REDUCTION OF TCA: Supply contracts where both parties work together to reduce the Total Cost of Acquisition.
TCA: Acquisition price + cost derived from the operations of: Maintenance (Lubrication, Repair and Inspection); Replacement; Energy consumption; Disposal or Recycling.
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