Descours & Cabaud, A professional International Distribution Group with the widest MRO product range in the market, representing the best Manufacturers in the world. It operates in the market through 2 Large Divisions, strategically focused on all the industrial sectors and all the categories of clients. Dexis, a technical business network.
Prolians, a Mutli-specialist network.
After 225 years in this business, Descours & Cabaud is an independent family Group at the service of more than 350,000 customers. It can be found in France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Slovakia, the Czech Rep., Switzerland, Italy and the USA.
€ 2.947 million, 2011 turnover.
11,600 employees.
555 sales centres.


With 150 operation centres, Dexis is the European distribution standard of technical ranges by Descours & Cabaud (Power transmissions, automations, cutting tools and industrial supply).
Their Know How ensures their customers a customised and comprehensive offer, according to their needs, incorporating the personal protection solutions from the Leader in the Market.
Their spot on presence and the great professionalism of their human team guarantee the efficiency of a proximity service.
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