Dexis, the division of the Descours & Cabaud group that specialises in industrial processes, offers a response to demands for availability of essential maintenance products, in cooperation with the largest brands and manufacturers.

Our commitment, however, goes beyond this. Aware of our clients’ requirements, we help optimise their industrial processes.

Our ambition is, and will remain, TO BE their colleague and propose the solutions given by our experts.

The creation of industrial value is based on controlling performance leverage, which includes technicity, competitiveness, training and respect for the environment.

These are the strong values we share and that ensure our specialists will always be at your side.

On the Iberian peninsula, Dexis Ibérica is formed by 3 famous, heavily specialised companies: Dexibérica soluciones industriales, Tecnomeca Kidelan, RP Mecatrónica.