Ceminorte, our special employment centre

We do productive work, participating regularly in market operations and providing employment and training.

By contracting the services of Ceminorte, companies comply with the regulations of Law 13/1992, of 7 April, on the social integration of persons with disabilities.

Through the special employment centre, we collaborate with associations such as Prosame, a non-profit organisation that seeks to improve the quality of life of people with mental health problems in the city and province of Burgos.

Our commitments in today's society

Ethical aspects

Code of Conduct that summarises in detail our commitments in each area, indicates which problems might arise, explains what to do or what not to do in certain situations, and warns us of the legal or ethical consequences of a bad decision.

Code of ethics that sets out the major guiding principles governing our daily conduct and helps to ensure integrity, impartiality, and honesty in the fulfilment of the Group’s obligations.

Aspectos éticos
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Social impact

At Dexis Ibérica, we are aware of the situation we have experienced in recent years as a result of the Covid virus.
Our priority in these times has been our professionals and their families, keeping them at the forefront of our mind and adapting our facilities.
We have also wanted to provide our support to different associations such as the Spanish Federation of Parents to Children with Cancer, which was created in 1990 through the union of several associations from different provinces willing to fight for the well-being of their children with cancer, to which we have donated 42,000 facemasks.
We have also participated in another donation of 60,000 facemasks to another association.
The aim of these donations is to do our bit as a company, as a team and as part of society.


Dexis Ibérica sponsors the Aragonese rugby federation, both fifteen- and seven-a-side (official and away kits).