Stock optimisation and management – Logistics Services

We have a logistics platform that enables centralised deliveries to be made anywhere in Spain.
Our distribution model enables us to improve the level of customer delivery service and to improve the product portfolio in any of our business areas.

Logistics services

These are the defining features of our logistic services:

  • D + 1 Any location in Spain from national platforms.
  • European Coverage. Combining the major European platforms: Transdexis (Paris); Prodex (Hasselt, Belgium) with national platforms (Spain, UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, and Slovakia).
  • 24*7 Emergency treatment. In and out of business hours ( 24 h x 365 DAYS)
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Optimisation and stock management

We offer you the following services:

  • Warehouse audit. We have extensive knowledge of warehouse management, allowing us to know what we should analyse in your processes to improve productivity and warehouse management. We’ll help you reduce costs incurred through excessive stock levels by focusing on a more accurate inventory.
  • Consigned material: our material in the customer’s offices.
  • Dedicated material: material on our premises exclusively for customers


Member of Dexis staff assigned responsibility. Main functions:

  • Procurement planning and management.
  • Stock management and control. Unification of references Avoid duplication.
  • Reduction of obsolescence
  • Dispatch of spare parts to plant personnel. Negotiation with suppliers with the aim of reducing their number.
  • Alternative product proposal with better features (Lower TCA).
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