Efficiency and productivity solutions

We have a logistics platform that enables centralised deliveries to be made anywhere in Spain.
Our distribution model enables us to improve the level of customer delivery service and to improve the product portfolio in any of our business areas.

Documented savings

Our services allow customers to reduce their costs.
Either for TCA (Total Cost of Acquisition) or Indirect Costs. The direct consequence of a cost reduction: savings.
Each application of a service, resulting in a cost reduction, is collected and documented on a Savings Form (SF), or a Service Application Form (SAF). These are presented to your purchasing management team to track and report on the savings achieved – defined objectives, and the resources dedicated by our company and services applied to their achievement.
The Productivity Sheet is the document that lists all SF and SAF made.
It summarises over 2 sheets all the productivity actions carried out over a period and their quantification. Total Savings and Part Savings by group. The combination of all the Services applied, and their consequent reductions in costs, both direct and indirect, will result in an improvement in Productivity or Global Savings, which should meet or exceed the Target set out in the commercial agreement or contract.

Key accounts

At Dexis, together with the entire Descours & Cabaud group, we have positioned ourselves as the privileged partner for Major European Key Accounts with which Descours & Cabaud carries out more than 20 % of its activity.
Experience and proximity are the two driving forces behind our Group’s efficiency.

Our experience in the different industrial sectors and our continuous development through internal or external growth assure our Key Account clients a unified service wherever they are.

Our dedicated key accounts teams develop agreements and effective value-added services.
“Experience and proximity serving your productivity.” This is the commitment of Descours & Cabaud and especially Dexis.


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