Dispensing systems

At Dexis Ibérica, we understand the importance of explaining to you that, thanks to our global dispensing systems solution, you can save costs in stock outsourcing and process automation. This saves you time on many of the tasks your staff performs on a daily basis.
Ultimately, we are not selling a PPE protective material dispensing machine. We are selling a complete solution that allows you to achieve: savings, efficiency, safety, and control.

Dispensing machines

Savings and control for your business

Dispensing machines are easy to install and use, with easy recharging and use, automatic and online data capture, plus you get centralised data from them.
With a PPE protective material dispensing machine, you get the complete savings and control solution you need on your premises.


Process controlled via operator identification.
It gives you real-time control and reduces inventory costs.


24/7 service with immediate product availability. Detailed reports with the assurance that operators only select the assigned PPE.

How do our machines work?

Procurement process

Smart lockers

Smart lockers for use in Industry to control product deliveries and collection.

They are modular lockers. The compartment and the measurements depend on the items they will contain.

Ultimately, they allow items to be delivered and returned without the need for someone to be physically there to manage the process. All you need is a form of ID to operate them.

In addition, they give you access to data, who, when, which product etc, giving you all the information you need with just one click.
Machine stock level displays and alarms.

You’ll save on staffing, material, and delivery costs.

Contenedor digital

Digital container

Get all the benefits of on-site stock and smart stock management.
This secure point of supply is installed at your production facility and offers these advantages:

  • Fully customisable space.
  • Stock management and optimisation tool.
  • 33 m3 storage area.

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