Automation and robotics service



We play an important role in Industry 4.0

Automation Solutions is the name of our business unit that provides solutions to your linear motion, automation, and robotics needs.

Under our own brand name, 4MP, we combine our technological expertise to give you performance, reliability, and cost control.

Automatio Solutions

Our Solucions

Pneumatic and hydraulic, electrical, design, and assembly

We cover all the stages of manufacturing from conception and design to machine installation.

We design, manufacture, and install all types of cabinet, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic.

Abarcamos todas las etapas de fabricación desde la concepción y diseño hasta la instalación en máquina. Diseñamos, fabricamos e instalamos cualquier tipo de armario, eléctrico, neumático e hidráulico.
Soporte software

Technical software support

Our support team supports you at all times, answering any questions and providing the best solutions throughout the life of the project.

Mechanical design and assembly

From the definition of specifications to the selection of materials, the approach to execution, and successful commissioning.

Diseño y montaje mecánico
Ejes eléctricos

Motion and control solutions

As specialists in motion management, in our projects, we highlight the quality of movement, selecting the product or complete package that brings the greatest added value.

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