En el corazón del a industria 4.0

To be at the Heart of Industry 4.0

The Industrial Revolution is undergoing major evolution with the rise of machine-to-machine technologies: the combination of sensors, automations, cloud technology, data analysis, and intelligent algorithms is transforming all industrial models.

At Dexis, we are staying one step ahead of all these developments to anticipate changes in increasingly interactive and intelligent industrial facilities, detect innovative improvements, and deliver products and services that accelerate asset optimisation, productivity improvements, and the prediction of industrial maintenance.


MRO products and services to optimise all phases of your industrial process.


 Leading the way in comprehensive personal and collective protection solutions


Performance and reliability in our automation solutions


As experts in all branches of industry, we help you to grow and perform at the highest level with a wide range of industrial maintenance solutions, including mechatronics, machining, and personal protective equipment.
Our customers benefit from the absolute power of a global partner driven by five key commitments:

  • Human and geographical proximity.
  • Competitiveness and breadth of our offer.
  • Guaranteed product availability.
  • Technical excellence.
  • Development of efficient solutions and services.
Our 5 Commitments


Our goal is to be your one-stop industrial supplier


The complex and competitive universe in which we operate demands strong cohesion and unwavering team spirit at the service of our customers.
This cohesion depends on mobilising the energy and talent of each person in terms of shared ambition, ongoing collaboration between teams, respect for the decisions and commitments of stakeholders, and solidarity in successes and adversities.
This unity must lead each of us to constantly cultivate this spirit of independence, which has enabled the Group to become a major player in professional distribution both in France and internationally.


An enterprising group is a group that offers tremendous freedom of action. For this reason, we give workers freedom to dare to challenge themselves, challenge the status quo, and turn a difficulty into an opportunity.
We encourage them to take the initiative and experiment, recognising the right to make mistakes, which is inherent in action. We encourage openness to the outside world and the discovery of new territories to reinvent ourselves and adapt better.


There can be no unity without trust, or trust without transparency.
Transparency regarding objectives and our roadmap at all levels of the company.
Transparency in action: saying what we do and doing what we say.
Transparency in results with the ability to learn from successes and failures.