Technical assistance and audits

Within our solutions and services, we are delighted to be able to provide you with our technical support and the ability to perform our audits, designed to improve productivity in your industrial processes.


A complete Engineering Department with the guarantee of Dexis Ibérica.

Ability to provide the customer with design, manufacture, assembly, automation, and commissioning, achieving the “turnkey” concept.

Root cause analysis of the problem and proposals for improvement.

Servicios de mecatrónica

Mechatronics services

In this section, we offer you the following services:
 Servicios transmisión neumática.

  • Pneumatic transmission services.
  • Linear motion services.
  • Hydraulics services
  • Instrumentation services

Provided directly by our qualified technical staff, or in collaboration with our major suppliers.

  • Turnkey solutions.
  • Hydraulic engineering for development and improvement.
  • Proportional hydraulics.
  • VERY CLOSE collaboration with leading manufacturers.
  • Approved service for the repair of servo-hydraulic equipment.
  • Specialists in retrofit for machines.

Audits in mechanical transmission applications

Mechanical transmission applications (chains, reducers, pulleys, belts, bands…) are one of the most important and abundant elements in today’s industrial machinery.

Mechanical transmission applications, such as chains, reducers, pulleys, belts, bands…re one of the most important and abundant elements in today’s industrial machinery. Correct design, installation, and maintenance have a decisive impact on the total cost of equipment ownership.

At DEXIS IBERICA we offer the technical knowledge of the market’s leading suppliers and our professionals with years of experience in the sector, all at the service of our clients. Therefore we offer the customer the possibility of carrying out on site transmission audits (stress studies and maintenance on belts), energy saving studies on mechanical transmissions using pulleys and couplings, improvements in the service factor in reducers, optimisation of transmission systems with innovative and individualised solutions for each type of transmission, as well as application redesign.

The aim of the transmission audit services is to work with our customers on the challenge of reducing maintenance costs and extending asset life, combining our knowledge and experience with the ultimate aim of bringing added value to our wide range of products and solutions.

Transmisión mecánica: correas
Aplicación transmisión mecánica

Audits and lubrication installations

In this section, we offer you the following services:

  • Design and installation of multi-point lubrication systems.
  • Study and optimisation of lubrication used.
  • Automatic lubrication systems.
  • Self-lubricating equipment.
  • Lubricant analysis.

Energy efficiency studies and audits

In this section we offer you the following services:
  • Measurement of energy consumption and compressed air demand.
  • Simulation report and energy savings as proposed for technical improvement.
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Energy recovery.

Advice and legalisation of compressed air

  • Study and design of installations.
  • Advice on documentation to be submitted to official agencies.
    • Automatic lubrication systems.
    • Self-lubricating equipment.
    • Lubricant analysis.

On-site Consultancy (OSC)

We offer you the possibility of having a Dexis technician on site, assisting the maintenance personnel of your facility in situ.

Dexis Ibérica offers its clients the option of OSC: one or several people in our organisation, trained and prepared for this role, assisting the maintenance personnel of your facilities in situ, and continually advising you on possible technical improvements, alternative products with lower costs or greater efficiency, managing products that are hard to identify, coding according to market standards, supporting your procurement personnel in the appropriate arrangements, etc.

The involvement of our OSC service can be full-time or part-time.

For the above to be viable, the time dedication required and the main activities to be carried out by the OSC should be defined and agreed between the two organisations according to invoicing commitment criteria and the receptivity of your maintenance and administrative personnel.

Logically, the work of the OSC would be related to the agreed cost reduction objectives and its profile will be different according to the service applied (TCE; Prod. Man.; Technical Manager.)

Consultoría en planta (CEP)