Exoskeleton suit

The MATE exoskeleton suit increases the quality of life at work by providing consistent and advanced shoulder and arm assistance during repetitive operations and daily tasks.

Our advanced assistance exoskeleton suit

Comau MATE exoskeleton suit

MATE helps your team in its daily activities.

  • Reduced muscle strain.
  • Greater performance, increasing precision.
  • Increased quality of life at work.
  • Assistance for work involving raised arms.
  • Assistance for sitting/standing postures.
  • Assistance for jobs requiring manual actions

This is a portable, light and flexible ergonomic system to reduce muscle fatigue in the case of repetitive jobs or difficult postures.

It correctly reproduces shoulder movement.

It is a passive exoskeleton suit with no motors. It is worn at the top on the upper limbs. 

MATE is formed by:

  • System interface: all the parts are in direct contact with the user’s body.
  • Mechanical shoulder device: parts that facilitate the user’s freedom of movement, such as slide and rotation joints.
  • TGB torque generator: stores and transforms potential mechanical energy to create an adjustable assistance torque (7 levels).
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