Predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance gives you real knowledge about the condition of your machinery. This means that maintenance only has to be performed when required.

KOS, the revolution of continuous monitoring

KOS is an online platform, accessible from any device, which allows you to:

  • Monitor critical machinery ON LINE. (Possibility to request “DEMO”)
  • Sensor supply (Accelerometers, oil sensor, ultrasound, etc.)
  • Portable Vibration Equipment.
  • Vibration Analysis Service (according to the agreed schedule).
  • Ultrasound. Air Leaks
    Consultancy: Troubleshooting for specific machinery problems.

KOS online is revolutionising the world of continuous monitoring in terms of effectiveness, cost, ease, and deployment:

  • Find out about the state of health of your assets.
  • Optimises maintenance downtime.
  • Monitors “multicondition” variable speed machinery.
  • No factory installation of programmes or servers required.
  • Spectral analysis and configuration service with the collaboration of the Services Plus technical team.
  • Alarm management and management indicators (KPIs)
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