Hydraulic transmission

Hydraulic systems are used in all kinds of industrial settings. At Dexis we solve any hydraulic need you have in your industrial process.

Hydraulic transmission parts

Hydraulic Components

Distributors, hydraulic adjustment, gear pumps, blades and piston, motors, standard and custom cylinders, pressure filters.


Individual and custom manufacturing, pressure tube, all types of fittings and locks.

Hydraulic Power Units

Standard and custom. There are multiple applications for hydraulics. They all focus on a comprehensive offer that includes studies, selection of components, installed, commissioning and maintenance;

Our products:

Cylinders, distributors, motor pumps, accumulators, fittings, power units, etc.

Our services:

After-sales service, pipe networks, maintenance, re-testing, hose mounting.

High-Pressure Hydraulic Tools (700 BAR)

General-use, heavy-duty, single-action, double-action, aluminium, with safety nut, traction, hollow plunger cylinders, etc.

Manual, electric, pneumatic or petrol-driven hydraulic pumps.

Additional components to complete a high-pressure hydraulic system (pipes, couplings, oil, connections, dial gauges, etc.).

Valves for directional control, flow control or pressure control.

Tools for cutting, drilling, extending or bending, lifting machines, carrying loads, etc.

Bolting Tools

Square and hexagon drive hydraulic torque wrenches (up to 34,000 Nm).

Hydraulic pumps for electric or pneumatic torque wrenches.

Hydraulic bolting solutions (flange alignment tools, nut splitters, shim separators, etc.)

Production Automation (350 BAR)

Rotary cylinders (upper flange, lower flange, threaded body, cartridge model, etc.) and operating supports (hydraulic advance, spring, etc.).

Linear cylinders (threaded, for collector, block-type, oblique thrusting, hollow plunger, mechanical fastening, etc.).

Hydraulic, electric or pneumatic pumps.

Valves for directional control, flow control or pressure control.

Special Applications

Synchronised multi-point elevation systems.

Climbing jack systems.

High precision load positioning.

Transmisión hidráulica
Transmisión hidráulica


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SAFETY products

We integrate all products and services related to personal and collective protection into our SAFETY division.

Servicios y soluciones

Services and solutions

The solutions provided by our experts and our services complete Dexis’ range of solutions for industry.

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