Mechanical transmission

Transmission parts are those that transmit or control movement. Using these parts to minimise any downtimes you may have is our priority.

Mechanical transmission parts


Pulley, Classical timing (MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH), Timing (RPP, HTD, POLYCHAIN), Pluriband, Poly-V, Polyurethane, Metal-core timing (T and AT), By the metre, Flat, Thermoweldable, Cutting machine for timing belt. Special belts for the Tiling Industry.

Pulleys and Taper bushes:

Blind trapezoidal pulleys, trapezoidal pulleys for Taper-lock, Blind toothed pulleys, Toothed pulleys for Taper-lock, Taperlock, Tapered grip rings, Variator pulleys.


ISO Standards, ASA, Stainless steel, Hollow shaft, Fleyer (tension linkage), Double pitch, Transport, Redler, Rotary, Silent, air transport, Leaf. Cable-rack, straight-side, polyurethane guide profile. Accessories: Attachments, pivots, rubber blocks.

Sprockets and gears:

Sprockets, discs (single, double, triple), Sprockets for taper-lock, Cast iron sprockets, Racks. Cylindrical gears, tapered gears.

Conveyor rollers:

Metal, zinc-coated, Rubber-coated, Tapered rollers, Rollers for mining

Trapezoidal spindles, Nuts with flange, Splines and Broached hubs, Conveyor belts:

Pvc, Polyurethane, Silicone, Metal, Modular, Rubber

Couplings and Torque Limiters:

Elastic star, Elastic pivot, Elastic plate, Elastic spring, Internal mesh, Pneumatic flector, For Encoder, Chain

Motors and reducers:

Three-phase, single-phase motors and brakes. ATEX and explosion-proof motors. Worm gear reducer. Gear reducers (Coaxial and Orthogonal). Epicyclic Reducers. Parallel shaft reducers. Mechanical and electronic variators. Adjustable motor mounts and racks. Right-angle gearboxes.

Slings and steel ropes:

Grade 80 chain slings. Fibre slings (flat and round). Cable slings. Hooks, meshes, rings, chains. Lashings. Shackles, eyebolts, cable ties, karabiners.

Cardan, universal joints and pumps

Pumps: Vacuum pumps, Water pumps, Mechanical seals, Vacuum cups, Vacuum switches.

Compressed air and vacuum distribution

Modular systems for the design and installation of Compressor and Vacuum Rooms, main and secondary networks with accessories and rigid piping in aluminium, ready for installation without preparation, removable and reusable.


ower transmission systems, securing, support and guiding components; drive systems for industrial applications: electric shafts, 3-shaft systems, pick-and-place applications; mechanical components, motors, electrical material and IT solutions for development and installation of industrial mechatronics systems.

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