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Compressed Air and Nitrogen Generation


The best industrial solutions in compressed air for a wide range of applications.

Compressed Air and Nitrogen Generation

  • Oil-lubricated (piston and screw) and oil-free (piston, scroll, tooth and screw) compressors, refrigerated and absorption dryers, filters, tanks, drains, and condensate separators.
  • Nitrogen generators, tanks and accessories.

Compressed Air and Nitrogen

  • Design and installation of Compressor and Nitrogen Generation Room.
  • Design and installation of Compressed Air and Nitrogen networks with aluminium, stainless steel, DIN-2440, etc. piping.
  • Certified Authorised Installer.

Energy saving studies

  • Measurement of energy consumption and compressed air demand
  • Simulation with efficient alternative.
  • Monitoring
  • Energy recovery.

Installation advice and legalisation

  • Study and design of installations.
  • Documentation to be submitted to official agencies.

Official Technical Assistance Service

  • Revisiones Scheduled regular servicing.
  • Agreements for preventive maintenance in Compressor and Nitrogen Rooms.
  • Equipment repairs.
  • Spare parts/equipment consumables management.
  • Vibration analysis and machine monitoring.
  • Training.

Dentro Within DEXIS IBÉRICA, Worthington compressors, components and other products are only available through DEXIS IBÉRICA‘s offices in Vice, exclusively for the districts of Osona, Bages and Ripollès..

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